The Forbidden City, Beijing

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man standing at building entrance in forbidden city

An Evening Stroll Along the Lake

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The gloomy days of winter are over. The birds are singing constantly, even at night, and the trees are just beginning to bloom. I really like this time of the year with its balmy evenings.

Giorgio Morandi

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While browsing the ARTnews website earlier today I came across a wonderful article titled “Object Lessons”. It contains excerpts of a conversation between Wayne Thiebaud and Alessia Masi, the curator of his recent exhibition at the Museo Morandi in Bologna, Italy. Thiebaud talks about light and color of Morandi’s paintings, their intimacy and joy of long looking. He also makes so many references to other outstanding painters.
Read the article here.

I can’t wait to go to the opening of the Giorgio Morandi exhibition next month at the Museo d’Arte Lugano. The exhibition will gather together full spectrum of his works: oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, and etchings alongside works by those whom he influenced.